1 de octubre de 2013 Noticias

Publicación del libro “Lymphomas, Essentials for clínicials”

La European Society for Medical Oncology | ESMO ha publicado el libro: “Lymphomas. Essentials for Clinicians”, en el que han colaborado los miembros de GOTEL D. Rodriguea-Abreu y M. Provencio.

Produced under the direction of ESMO, Essentials for Clinicians is a simplified yet comprehensive overview on oncological malignancies, their biology, diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow-up, which are necessary for basic patient treatment.

Essentials for Clinicians is intended primarily to be read by young oncologists (residents at the beginning of their career) but also other professionals dealing with cancer (as haematologists, radiotherapists, surgeons, and other organ specialists). Other interested readers will include more advanced doctors or students, who may have never dealt with this topic and who wish to understand the core concepts of  management of a particular tumour type.

The complete series should include all most important tumours and its reading should allow to pass a board certification speciality examination and to correctly answer the majority of questions of the ESMO oncology examination.